User Reviews - Exfoliant

"As a kid of the 80's I grew up with SeaBreeze, Apricot Scrub, and Noxzema.  I've tried so many different approaches to skin care that I'm surprised I still have skin!! I got into Samas facial oil first, and recently tried the exfoliating scrub.  At first I was a bit intimidated by a dry scrub, but after the first trial or two I had the hang of it!  I have pretty sensitive skin, so I was a little nervous to start scrubbing away.  This scrub is by far the most gentle scrub I've used... And surprisingly super effective.  I use it usually two times a week, or maybe three depending on how my skin feels.  It does not have added fragrance, but the scent it does have is very natural, light, and I enjoyed it.  I finish up each scrub with a small pump of the facial oil.  I have spent year trying to figure out my skin, and in three weeks of using these products, I think I finally have it!!! Thank you Sama!!" - Sarah M.

"Sama, just wanted to share that I am LOVING the new exfoliant. It is so much more gentle than any other exfoliant product I've used, which means I don't worry as much about using it daily. I love the oatmeal smell, reminding me every day that there's nothing yucky in there! It is working great together with the facial oil as my moisturizer. Thank you so much for making such great, clean products that I can trust." -Angela M.

"The best of the best Sama! My husband is even hooked! You see a difference after the first use. Great as a quick scrub but love using it as a weekly mask. Love your products Sama."-Antonietta K.

User Reviews - Facial Oil

"I want you to know how happy I am with your  facial oil and facial exfoliant!!  I've been using both for a few weeks now and I love the way my skin looks and feels.  I don't wear much make up and both products have made my skin softer, smoother and less uneven in tone.  When I do wear make up, I am amazed at how easily (yet gently) the oil removes it.  Thank you so much for making a product that I feel good about putting on my face!"-Debra S.

"I have been using this facial oil for over four months now. This creation by Sama is by far the best facial cleanser I have ever used. I have used many different kinds of cleanser in the past and I notice a significant difference in the condition of my skin both from cleansing and from using it as a serum during the winter months underneath my moisturizer.  My skin is 52 years old so along with that comes smile lines and those wrinkles that we cannot hide.... This stuff works! My face is soft, moisturized and super clean without feeling dry like so many other products can do. Trust me I have tried them all… From fancy spa products to drugstore cheapies… I am a faithful user here on in."-Kaki M.

"I love the facial oil so much! I struggle with oily and acne prone skin and have over the years used so many "drying" products my face says ouch! This facial oil has really helped balance out my skin and has cleared up so much! It was so great to meet you and keep making great product!"-Hannah A.

"What can I say . . . I absolutely LOVE your facial oil!!!  I must admit that I was a bit dubious about using oil as a cleanser - the whole concept seems a bit counterintuitive.  I have had sensitive, chronically dry combination skin with periodic eczema flare ups my entire life.  I am extremely conscious of what products I use on my skin - I had been using an organic, plant-based line that I was extremely happy with when I tried your oil for the first time.  The routine is so easy and it removes any and all make up leaving my face the softest it has ever felt!!  I am 43 years old so my skin has it's fair share of wrinkles and sun damage, hormonal imbalance issues (adult onset acne), and extremely large pores (a lifetime condition) for good measure.  Your oil has definitely softened my lines, balanced my skin, and the most amazing and unexpected benefit . . . it shrank my pores!!!  And I am doing all of this with a natural, lovely product (I love the smell) made by my incredibly talented friend - win, win, win!!"-Jennifer S.

"I've been using the facial oil for a couple weeks now and love it!! I'm so sad, I was reaching for something else this morning and it knocked it out of the medicine cabinet and it shattered everywhere! I'd love to get another one from you soon. I've worn face makeup almost every day my entire adult life and despite being sleep deprived, my skin hasn't looked this good in years. I haven't needed face makeup for weeks now and it's saving me so much time in the morning. I also love that the million times a day I'm kissing my two babies I'm not getting chemicals on their delicate skin."- Kirby B.

"Sama's facial cleanser is so unique and wonderful. Earlier this summer, I struggled with having an oily T-zone (nose and forehead) even though my skin is usually very dry. After trying multiple 'commercial' products, my skin was still oily during the day, and extremely dry after washing my face at night. Sama's facial cleanser leaves my skin grease-free, without drying out my skin completely. Additionally, using this cleanser with a warm washcloth totally removes all my makeup! As if it wasn't already awesome enough, it smells incredible. I would recommend this to anyone, whether they're struggling with slightly oily skin, or just looking for a natural facial cleanser. Sama's products are truly one of a kind!" - Olivia W.

"I LOVE this product. After 68 years of trying many products, your Facial Oil is my favorite! My face feels clean and fresh. No tightness and no residual oiliness! And it is wonderful for my hands too!
Not to mention that I can travel with only a carry on. I no longer need a suitcase full of products!" - Sudy M.

"I finally tried it Sama, and I really like the results! Much less greasy look to my skin and less breakouts! I really can't believe it! Great product and so glad to rid myself of the extra chemicals I was using!" - Jamie M.

"I'm loving my facial oil. It's making me realize how dry my skin was and its incredible how it causes my skin to produce less oil than my old drying face wash." - Toni W.

"I am loving your facial oil!! My skin looks brighter and feels cleaner!  I love the process of cleansing my face with it at night and I love putting it on as a serum in the morning.  It has simplified my cleansing routine which was very basic to begin with!  I feel better about what I am putting in my skin.  It is awesome!  Thank you so much for your innovation and dedication to clean, organic products! " - Anna S.

"I love your recommendation on the regime. I feel as a busy mom I am giving myself a mini facial, taking time for myself in this busy life we all lead. My skin feels hydrated and seems to glow after I use your serum.  Sometimes when I am home for a long period of time I lather it on and leave it for hours.  I love it! " - Amy D.

"Thank you for making a facial product that I can finally love. I was not sure what to expect as I never cleansed with facial oil before, but this product leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized. I am especially pleased with how my eye makeup comes off with the oil, without leaving my eyes feeling dry. The convenience of not having to use multiple products is also a bonus. After I cleanse, I simply apply a few dabs of the oil around eyes and face, and I am done. I love my new routine with your facial oil and will continue to use it! Thank you."- Linda F.

"I really love the facial oil. I use it as a cleanser and really find that it does cleanse my skin throughly (I have to admit that I was skeptical with the whole OCM) and it gives me a healthy glow. I do wear makeup and I definitely feel that it removes it all. The smell is probably my favorite part of using it, love it!!" - Antonietta K.

"One week in with the facial oil and I'm never going back to traditional face wash. You hit the jackpot!" Sarah M.

"I actually use it at least two to three times per day. I remove my makeup the way you explained and I feel that my skins is much more hydrated now that I stated using this! I also love the smell. I will be hitting you up for some more when I run out. Thank you for a great product." - Maureen M.

"Had a facial over the holidays and my esthetician said my skin was amazingly hydrated. Thanks to your oil!" - J. Murphy

"I LOVE your Facial Oil! I use it every evening to take off my makeup and it leaves my skin so incredibly soft. It's like a little mini spa experience! I've noticed my skin is less red and irritated. After I cleanse my skin I love using a little bit around the fine lines on my lips and eyes. I'm definitely hooked! Thanks so much!" - Andrea D.

"I absolutely love your facial oil.  You educated me on using oil to cleanse my face, and I won't ever go back to soap.  The oil cleans everything, including eye makeup, and my face doesn't feel tight like it does when I cleanse with soap.  I like the neutral scent too.  So all in all, A+++++.  Thank you. - Kristen T.

User Reviews - Deodorant

"I have been using the sensitive skin deodorant for several months. I love that it is gentle, goes on without being sticky and keeps me odor-free all day. I run almost every day and am quite active. I sweat a lot - all year round. I am glad to have a product that I know is good for my body and keeps me from smelling like I sweat all the time! Thank you for your products, Sama. It is wonderful to use a product that is made locally by someone who is passionate about natural health." -Susan F.

"Thank you Made With Love By Sama for the Natural Deodorant Samples! Facebook people, if you haven't tried a natural deodorant, please try Sama's. I was skeptical, but now a true believer! With other deodorants I had to put so much on and still at the end of the day you would smell like deodorant and BO. Plus who wants all those chemicals on our body? With Sama's all natural deodorant I put a small amount on and there is no BO at all, even for days. It also makes your skin very soft. Yeah, I am sold! Thank You Sama!!" -Mark V.

"I'm so excited to get the new Autumn scent in the mail today! I love your deodorants, Sama, and am really excited about this new scent! It smells fabulous! It's those little things that make us happy! ;) Many thanks." -Pam H.

"The holiday 3 pack made a great stocking stuffer! Took this pic just for you! Kirby says it holds up to the rigors of drumming and fishing! Ha!" - Juana J.

"The deodorant is fantastic ... I was allergic to everything else... So happy to find this natural product ... thank you so much." -Robin G.

"What an ingenious concept!  Sama has created a truly special product which I feel great about using daily.  Living as Eco friendly as possible is a priority for my family and household.  It is awesome that even my armpits can now be free from harmful pore clogging chemicals :)  and although I sweat, I still smell great!  Thank you very much for being so creative and savvy!!" - Anna S.

"I have to tell you how much I absolutely love your product!!!! I used it today and it kept me smelling good and even dry all day! Even with my Secret antiperspirant, I would occasionally smell a little b/o by the end of the day when it wore off, but not with yours! I have to admit, I thought it was going to have that very wet, slimy feel that Toms does, but I was pleasantly surprised at the dry factor that it provided! The true test will be on Monday, the next time I’m at work with my stress sweating, but I’m confident it’s going to do well. I’m so happy with it and it smells great!" - Toni W.

"I wanted to tell you also how much I love your deodorant as well. I stopped using regular deodorant when I was pregnant with my first son 6 years ago. And for the last 6 years I have been searching for a natural deodorant that actually worked. I have tried it all and nothing worked for me. I actually stopped using anything eek until.... I was told about how amazing yours was. It really really is and works so well for me. I recommend it to everyone!" - Antonietta K.

"I've been using the deodorant for the past week and love it!! No BO even after a yoga class." - Kirby J.

"I just really love this deodorant and hope your little business takes off." - Patty S.

"I would like to place an order for more deodorant. I gave away my 2nd one to a friend & she loves it & another friend of mine would like me to get her one too. So if I could get 5 total- 3 in summer & 2 in the other scent you have. I'm trying to everyone about, it really is awesome!!!" - Jodi A.

"A few swipes lasted through a 90+ degree afternoon at the beach, 3 evening volleyball games, and a few beers at the pub - 10+ hours total. Even passed the Christina sniff test around 11pm. Fabulous!" - Marc D.