Why It's Important for Tweens to go Natural with their First Deodorant

I started to use an antiperspirant/deodorant when I was in middle school. Why did I choose an antiperspirant? Probably because everyone else was doing it! Actually it was probably something my mom purchased for me. At the time we had no idea that these products were loaded with harmful chemicals.  And what I learned at a young age was that it was NOT alright for me to sweat under my armpits. My face could sweat, my body could sweat, but NOT my armpits. So growing up as a teenager and as a young woman I always made sure that I did NOT sweat under my arms. How ridiculous is this?! Well today I know that it is normal and healthy for your body to sweat.  We sweat to keep our body cool and get rid of toxins. 

Now, my kids are still young, but when it is time for them to use a deodorant, I will make sure they use a natural deodorant (of course, Made With Love By Mommy). They will never question the sweat on their face or body, or under their armpits, as it is all natural. The one thing they will not have is B.O. As parents we purchase products for our kids. Let us break the cycle of our ill informed routines and start them off right - with natural, healthy routines.